Monday, April 6, 2015

I love clouds.

What a great week we had! We had some great success in finding some new people that accepted us these past few weeks. This one little part in a colony here we contacted that i dont think has ever been contacted before..we found someone thats been praying to God to send someone to help her..annnd she wants to be baptized immedietly. She has a few challenges things and stuff shes gotta leave behind but we have faith.

And then later was General Conference. I hope to enjoy it as much as i did this weekend for the rest of my life. Never before have i wanted MORE of conference when it ended it was espicially powerful. I learned so much and recognized a lot of things i need to improve/change. I invite anyone that missed a session to go to and watch them all. I cant think of one that didnt intrigue me.

On that note i also invite all to share to family and friends on social media or through other means. Its a video similar to ``Because of Him.´´

Everything in the mission is going swell. I have a feeling with the transfers coming this week there might be a change for me..considering i have been here for 6 months haha. In the same ward at least. 

My companion from Lehi lives like 10 minutes away from my family. He tells me he has a huge box with mixed up star wars legos..and with all the instructions. I am trying to buy them from him while on the mission haha i tell him that is worth more to me than gold..the adventure of searching, finding and completing those things hahaha we have to meet up now after the mission for sure.

The weather has been geeting progressively hotter..but with clouds recently which is the best. I love clouds.

I had to negociate(spell check haha?) a contract for the rent on our house. The owners wanted more money. Basically i went to go search for other houses and when i talked to the owners about leaving..we settled on a more appropiate number;)

I have my health, support from my family and firends, my happiness, and my calling what more could i possibly want?

Take care all!

Elder Smith

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