Monday, February 9, 2015

Trying week with local challenges but the stress of the language is coming along.

This week was without doubt the worst week work-wise in my entire mission. And its possible this week could be worse. Heres why:
There are two different cartels in these parts of mexcio. And right now the cartel that doesnt have Reynosa..wants reynosa so they are moving up from monterey, to fight. But this is the dumb part. All this is happening in like downtown Reynosa hours from our zone. But our leaders cancelled work for one day last week(we have to stay in our house) and every other day we have to return to house by 5:00. Which is awful because all our investogators get home from work..all our good appts happen after 5. ALSO we arent allowed to contact..touch doors or talk or meet with people we dont know. We had a whopping 5 lessons this last week. And well these rules will probably apply this week which is going to be rough. Investigators decompose(not sure if that word works) when dont have lessons with them. 
The bright light of the week was we had 2 investigators at church. One was her first time..she is awesoeme she could get baptized muy pronto. The other was her third time.. and we put a date for baptism this friday. Luckily for us..she has an awesome sister that helped us calm her concerns about a baptism so soon. Her sister is an investigator..she just has a husband that doesnt want to legally get 60% of the men in this country. Ugh.
But if everything goes well this week should be number two for febuary..which was our goal. Then its off to prepare for march!
The challenge right now is finding people to teach and then being able to teach them..without contacting or working in the evenings.
The cold is officially gone and it is hot. The summer is going to hot her.
Oh and soccer got cancelled tonight so we are all really upset with that.
I learned there are like 11 temples in mexico this week.
The zone if doing great I believe. Something like 15 baptisms we are supposed to have by the end. For a month with 4 sundays I'm really proud of everyone.
The stress of spanish isn't really there any more. That doesn't mean I don't have a long way to go because I do trust me. But having the ability to communicate just makes life so much more enjoyable on the mission. There are so many things I want to learn now, but I can't read books fast in spanish, and reading them in english simply hurts me in my progression with the language.
The new elder in our district is from the dominican republic..and he is interesting haha.  For 2 weeks he's got no lack of confidence. And he LOVES to talk, always. And we eat with him and his companion every day and it is the greatest because he always talks to the members the whole time so we get to just relax and chill the three of us. Oh the food..still is so awesome. In this area I haven't had one bad meal. The truth is I haven't even had one average meal..the people here are so good to us. I am gonna miss having my food prepared for me haha.

Disclaimer: It has come to my attention that some type of trailer has come out for Star Wars episode VII. I am going to do something that I have never done with this movie. I am not going to know anything, the trailers, the information, the actors nothing. I predict that with a complete suprise and with everything being new it will be an unforgetable movie experience. 
That being said, I don't get home  for 19 months. And to be clear I do not want to know ONE THING. If it was good..if it was bad..if it has a twist..don't wanna know it. Nothing.
If you decide to tell me something, or forget, or try to be funny....You will receive forgiveness because I have too. But you will be dead to me. Consider yourself warned

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