Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer in Paradise

Well the days finally have gotten and stayed hot. I carry a rag around to wipe my face from the never-ending sweat of the walking and being outside. But sometimes it is kinda breezy and those days are heavenly.

Thursday we found like the greatest opportunity ever in a family of 7 people that listened and accepted a baptismal date. The set back was that Saturday we had an appointment lined up with the President's wife (Sister Morales)....and the family calls and says they have to cancel the appointment and do it Tuesday...which ruled out them going to church Sunday.  BUT the Lord has a plan for our area, and if it is better that we meet Tuesday, I will not be complaining. I am confident 100% that if this family doesn't turn out that we will have baptisms in June regardless. We are working well.
My shoes passed away this week. I forgot pictures but i wore those things into the ground they served me very well. Thanks to mom i have another pair almost the same. Also I learned how to use moleskin this week.

There are these popsicle things here called "bolys" which are like otter pops...but made with better fruit flavors, milk, and are bigger. Anyway they are the BOMB and we bought some to keep in the freezer.

Food from the street is such a temptation. Tacos and burgers - they look so great when we are so hungry but 1) It is dangerous to eat it and 2) We have no money to be buying food that isn't from a grocery store haha. I still just buy fruit and cold cereal. Milk and cereal are like 3 to 4 bucks each here so it's lame but i love it.

In the house, as three Americans and one Hondurian, we sing patriotic songs before companionship study. The neighbors hear our national pride because... well, we sing loud and proud. Long live the RED WHITE and BLUE!!!!

Elder Smith

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