Monday, June 29, 2015

Esperanza was baptized Saturday

Tomorrow we say goodbye to a lot of great elders. I for sure am gonna miss them a lot. It feels so weird.  It is like they are leaving me behind. All i know is that it is not gonna be fun tomorrow haha.

On to happier things..Esperanza..was baptized Saturday. Super super great service.  She was emotional and happy and everything. Then Sunday we had ward conference. It was strange.  All the families of the stake leaders came to our ward..and like dominated the congregation it was barely our ward haha. 
And Ivan came (kid of 14 that has come to church like 6 times now but cant get baptized) and a couple that are still "iffy" about progressing spiritually (if only i knew why..) and a friend of the mission leader (who could actually progress if he wasn't always so BUSY).

I have no idea if we are getting changed after this week..but I doubt it. I hardly ever see changes haha.

Baptism with Elder Howard from Colorado(left) and Elder Harvey(right) who leaves tomorrow

Sometimes...we walk a bit on the mission.

First pair of shoes(September 17th 2015---June 11th 2015) R.I.P.

Awkward smile selfie:

 So that dish deserves an explanation..we were SUPER hungry but had no money or food and we were trying to find a way to eat the other night. We tried calling members but it was like 10 it wasnt possible. Suddenly elder harvey remembers the last elders in the apartment left bags of pasta and we are like ¨we have water and a stove and butter¨ so lets get a cookin. Anyway i start thinking why just normal pasta? We have salt, i have a can of chicken..and the biggest blessing of all..concentrated tomato cubes!! Why did i have those you might ask? Well HEB is doing this thing right now where they give you like a free random item with your purchase if you buy enough. But its like a food item that is an ingredient for a recipe. So like 3 weeks ago i get these flavor cubes. And we make the pasta and i start to mix in these cubes..but i think ¨hey it needs more flavor it isnt red enough¨ so i throw in like 4 more cubes. So i get ready to eat take the picture excited and everything. 

Then i take a bite.  Elder Harvey pre-bite pic:
It was the most overdosed article of food i have ever consumed in my life. Those cubes had to be just straight salt and ALSO i added salt to the disaster before i tried it. So to give you an idea of my hunger..i actually ate like half before i just couldnt take it anymore and threw it out. So sad and so funny at the same time. Looked delicious though...right?

Anyway i would totally not mind another peanut butter package. Or clif bars. You guys are the best!!

Elder Smith

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