Monday, February 8, 2016

This week was excellent!

This week was excellent! We did a lot of work to try to get investigators to church for Sunday.  But at the end of Saturday night we didn't have much. The miracle came through Sunday when one of the brothers of an investigator randomly came to church and it looks like he is going to progress rapidly. 

Also, Alejandra, the daughter of Martha the sister that died suddenly of a heart attack, now has come for two straight Sundays to church.  And this week she brought a niece and a brother-in-law that both knew other youth in the ward, which was awesome. They said they enjoyed church and are going to come again which made me offer a sigh of relief. We had a good week.

Our leader, President Morales, said a lot of great lines this week. My favorites were that we shouldn't be waiting for a transfer if we don't get along with our companion, because in marraige we can't hope or wait for the transfer. Ha ha.

The other thing he said was that in every job he has had he has been paid (relatively well haha) for thinking well more than anything. Lots of other things we learned as well, but I share just those.

As for other news, we had transfers and new elders in the zone.  I am now one of 2 Americans in the zone, and alone in the ward. Well, one from Las Vegas arrived but his parents are mexican and he speaks the language, so I so don't count him :)

i need to budget my time better here on the computer, because I get to the end of my time too fast, and I haven't responded to everyone. So sorry. I will do better next week, I promise.

Elder Smith

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